Wellspring Bible Fellowship

Wellspring Bible Fellowship

Weekly Sermons


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June 28

John Clifford

Mt. 12:1-8, The Son of Man is Lord of the Sabbath

July 5

Rick Clifford

Mt. 12:9-14, Healing on the Sabbath

July 12

Dave George

Mt. 12:14-21, My servant whom I have chosen

July 19

Gary Campbell

Proverbs 20:24, Know your life is guided by the Lord

July 26

Greg Benoit

Mt. 12:22-29, Pharisees blaspheme again

August 2

Dan Burton

Mt. 12:24; 30-37, Blaspheming against the Spirit

August 9

Rob Welsch

Mt. 12:38-45, One greater than Solomon is here

August 16

Dave George

Mt. 12:46-end, My mother and My brothers

August 23

Greg Benoit

Mt. 13:1-9; (18-23), Parable of four soils & Sower

August 30

John Clifford Jr.

Matthew 11:20-30

September 6

Dan Burton

Mt. 13:10-17, Seeing, they do not see

September 13

Rick Clifford

Mt. 13:24-30; 36-43, Parable of wheat and tares

September 20

Dan Burton

Mt. 13:31-35, Parables of mustard seed and leaven

September 27

Greg Benoit

Mt. 13:44-46, Parables of treasure and pearls

October 4

Dave George

Mt. 13:47-52, Parable of dragnet

October 11

Rob Welsch

Mt. 13:53-end, A Prophet is not honored at home

October 18

Warren Henderson

Conclusion of WBF Fall Conference. (10/16, 17, 18) Friday thru Sunday

October 25

Dan Burton

Mt. 14:1-12, Beheading of John the Baptist

2020 Spring Bible Conference with Keith Keyser, March 6-8

Studies in Ezekiel: Standing for Truth in the Last Days

Keith Keyser

Friday March 6, Session 1

Keith Keyser

Saturday March 7, Session 2 and 3

Keith Keyser

Saturday March 7, Session 4,

Keith Keyser

Sunday March 8, Session 5