Wellspring Bible Fellowship

Wellspring Bible Fellowship

Weekly Sermons


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September 8

Greg Benoit

Mattthew 7:21-23, I Never Knew You

September 15

Dan Burton

Mattthew 7:24-27, Build Your House On The Rock

September 22

Dan Burton

Mattthew 7:28-29, Conclusion And Review

September 29

Rick Clifford

Luke 5:1-7, Working Hard and Coming Up Empty

October 6

John Clifford

Mt.8:1-4, Healing a Leper

October 13

Greg Benoit

Mt. 8:5-13, Centurion of Great Faith

October 20

Greg Benoit

Mt. 8:14-18 (or 17), He Bore Our Infirmities

October 27

Dan Burton

Mt.8:19-22, Let the Dead Bury the Dead

November 3

Rob Welsch

Mt.8:23-27, Wind and Waves Obey Him

November 10

Greg Benoit

Mt.8:28-end, They Begged Him to Leave

November 17

Dan Burton

Mt.9:1-8, Power on Earth to Forgive Sins

November 24

Open Meeting

Sunday before Thanksgiving

2019 Spring Bible Conference with Randy Amos, Encouraging Words from Scripture

Randy Amos

God's Love, Friday, Session 1

Randy Amos

Lessons of a King, Saturday Session 2

Randy Amos

Lessons on Despair, Saturday Session 3

Randy Amos

Male and Female, Saturday Session 4

Randy Amos

Power of the Ressurection, Sunday Session 5